"Entrepreneurship is about creating change, not just companies." - Mark Zuckerberg

At Shaping the Future, we believe that entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for economic empowerment and sustainable development. Through our Entrepreneurship program, we aim to equip young people with the skills and resources they need to become successful and impactful entrepreneurs.

During our engagements with young entrepreneurs, we cover a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Ideation and Innovation: We help young entrepreneurs to develop innovative ideas and to think creatively about how to bring these ideas to life.
  • Business Planning: We assist young entrepreneurs in developing comprehensive business plans that incorporate market research, financial projections, and risk assessment.
  • Marketing and Sales: We provide guidance on how to effectively market and sell products or services, including digital marketing and social media strategies.
  • Fundraising and Financial Management: We teach young entrepreneurs how to manage their finances effectively, including budgeting, accounting, and fundraising.
  • Scaling and Growth: We support young entrepreneurs as they scale their businesses, helping them to identify new opportunities for growth and expansion.

Our goal is to raise a generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs who can drive innovation, create jobs, and contribute to the economic development of their communities and the continent at large.